Residents, passersby and children have been left traumatised following a scene that saw a man pull a gun on a Federal Road Safety Corp Official FRSC, threatening to shoot after he was asked to wear his seatbelt.

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The man whose identity is still unknown but is alleged to be a member  of the Living Faith Church, aka Winners Chapel, left many shocked by his behaviour.

The incident reportedly took place shortly after the first service of the Durumi branch of the Winner’s Chapel, Abuja, came to an end on Sunday, September 18.

The man and his family, driving out of the church in his car with registration number S001 RBC, was pulled to the curb by the FRSC officials for not having their seatbelts on.

According to Daily Post, the man and his wife were asked to put on their seatbelts which were off at the time, but the man surprisingly pulled out a gun of the official, threatening to shoot him.

An eyewitness, Dorothy Njamanze, recounts the incident, saying:

“He refused to obey and the special marshals of Road Safety tried to stop him by standing in front of his car, he moved his car to crush them and they banged on his door.

“He came out with his gun, pointed it at an FRSC marshal, cocked it and threatened to shoot him.

“He was carrying his family, including children in the car."

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Holding the FRSC officials at bay with the cocked gun, the man reportedly got back into his car and zoomed off.

Daily Post reports that massive efforts are being put into finding the unidentified man so he can face the full weight of the law.