When Mayorkun dropped ‘Eleko’ in April 2016, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was Davido that released. Signed to the Nigerian superstar on to Davido Music Worldwide (DMW), the singer raced out of the blocks as ‘Eleko’ climbed to a million views in 10 days.

The song would later carve Mayorkun some respect and awareness in the music industry for a while. He performed at shows, fought off critics, joined Davido on countless travels, and promoted the single to an inch of his life.

But this is music, and consistency is rewarded over flashes of brilliance and PR hype. ‘Eleko’ was Mayorkun’s debut single, and that made work slightly harder for the act. With the world’s eyes upon, him, the singer will have to go through his artiste development with the weight of his debut success on his soldier.

Second single ‘Yawa’ has failed to spark in the same way. There have been very little to make it duplicate his success, but that has not happened. ‘Eleko’ has raised the bar so high for him, that the only way he could back it up is via repeating the process. Clearly, that has not happened.

Enter Mr Eazi. The young Ghana-bred singer has been having a swell 2016 after breaking into the Nigerian mainstream. He is the man tasked with collaborating with Mayorkun, and lending his skill and star power to ensure that Mayourkun gets another hit.

New song ‘Love you tire’ has all the workings of a radio-inspired hit song. Over muscular beats, synths and adlibs, the duo set out to compose and perform a song with potentials on the dancefloor. The duo attempt to blend through, but struggle to achieve that.

The video is shot by Clarence Peters, and it is a colourful affair filled with all the clichés of pop music. There are scantily-clad women, a rainbow of colors, and miming. It sits comfortably in the spectrum of pop songs, but it doesn’t exactly stand out and scream for attention. The gimmick here is the recognizable beat.