Eddie Murphy is seriously under attack from a young comedian called Brando Murphy who says the actor is lying to the public about being called his daddy. Reports say the youngster claims he has never said Eddie is his father.

Eddie’s attorney, Marty Singer has threatened to sue Brando for millions if he doesn't back off. The lawyer claims the lad has all but advertised on a sandwich board that he’s Eddie’s offspring. In one of his letters to the young comedian, Singer says Brando changed his last name to Murphy and showed up at the Coffee Bean &Tea Leaf (same cafe one Eddie often goes to) to scream, "My father won’t talk to me!"

Contrary to all these claims, Brando Murphy is not shying off. He has come out strong claiming he has never presented himself as Eddie’s son and he is ready to sue the actor for defamation if he continues to lie about him. He also sent the actor’s legal team a letter calling Eddie’s accusations "vile, base, contemptible, miserable, wretched and loathsome."

He has also called Eddie Murphy’s claims, "a campaign of intimidation", according to TMZ.

Who do you guys think is saying the truth here: Eddie or Brando Murphy?Watch This!