According to TecoBenson who is one of the best directors in the country, Mike abandoned the set of his new film titled ‘CentrifugalForce’, thereby halting the movie’s production and causing him loss of money as he had to pay for equipment and props he could not utilize.

Teco had this to say: “Right now, we have some hiccups in the production of ‘CentrifugalForce’ because of the unprofessional conduct by MikeEzuruonye who is playing a lead role. So, we are just waiting to tidy up so that we can release it.”

Meanwhile, Mike, who has been one of the top actors in the country in the last few years, has replied Teco, refuting the fact that he deliberately absconded from the set.

He said: “That’s a big, fat lie. Nothing like that happened. I was ill and had blisters on my mouth. When they are ready to shoot, they will shoot. But the truth is just that they’ve not been able to get everybody to shoot. I don’t have any problem with them. In fact, my manager has been talking to Teco. So, no problem.”