If what we hear is the truth, then the babe, who is known for her wild and rough lifestyle in the movie industry, may have turned a new leaf as she is said to be remorseful of the kind of life she led in the past.

In an interview recently, the heavily tattooed Anita allegedly broke down in tears and said that she regretted having tattoos all over her body.

She purportedly decided to turn a new leaf after an encounter with a fan who told her she liked her tattoos and would like to be like her but Anita begged the fan never to indulge in the kind of life she has been leading.

She apparently told the interviewer: “I regret my tattoos. It is something I wish I never had. It’s so addictive. You do one; you would do again and again. I just loved tattoos. But that was when I haven’t (sic) grown up and never knew it was wrong in God’s eyes.”

Praise the Lord somebody!

So what will happen to the piercings she has on her boobs, waistline, palm, neck and other parts of her body?