Popular singer,

Waje who's daughter recently turned 17 and had a pool themed party also explained how she guides her daughter to takes responsible decisions especially now that she just turned 17.

"I am not a flog flog person." she told the interviewer.

Emerald is blossoming to become a very pretty lady and we can imagine the amount of suitors trailing the young girl.

According to Waje, she tries to 'spare the rod and spoil the child' and also makes her responsible for her choices.

The proud mum of one recently clapped back at trolls with a lovely message for calling her mother ugly.

According to Waje, she shared a photo of her mother on Instagram and a follower said nasty things about how the older woman was as ugly as her daughter, a comment that apparently touched the singer leading to an emotional outpouring of words. for calling her mother ugly.

Watch Waje's interview in video below.