Peter Okoye is one half of the super pop group Psquare.

The artiste is the more prominent of the twins, and some will say better looking. He is one of the most famous pop stars in Africa.

After years of releasing hit single after hit single, Peter Okoye has started expanding his business into other fields.

Even though Peter is insanely popular we will like to know how much of a fan you are by taking our quiz below.

Go ahead and take this Pulse Quiz and check the answers at the bottom...

1. Who is Peter Okoye married to?

a) Lola Omotayo

b) Lola Adetayo

c) Lola Osomo

d) Jennifer Briggs

e) Anne Omotayo

2. What is the name of Peter Okoye's TV show

a) Peter and Paul

b) Dance Time with Peter

c) Double Trouble

d) Last Nite with Peter

e) Dance With Peter

3. How many kids does Peter have?

a) Three

b) One

c) None

d) Two

e) Four

4) Which instrument can Peter play?

a) saxophone





5) Which state does Peter Okoye hail from?







1. A, 2. E, 3. D, 4. B, 5. B

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