There is a video of pop singer

The event happened on Sunday, April 17, 2016 at a show in Surulere where Orezi was scheduled to perform.

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The pissed off husband was heard saying, “Because you be celeb, you think say you fit fcuk my wife abi? Shey e good like that?” The aggrieved husband was ready to beat up the singer but was stopped by the mobile policemen who were at the show.

After watching the clip I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. Orezi was allegedly caught with his hands in another man’s jar. Welcome to the life a male celebrity where women are in abundance.

I am not saying Orezi did what he was accused of but let’s imagine he did- that’s just the life of an average male entertainer- sleeping with women who hover around them. Morally you can say Orezi did something wrong but according to the unwritten law of celebrity lifestyle all is fair in love and married women.

The person who is messed up in this alleged scenario is the wife of the unidentified man. She was the one who stepped out of her matrimonial home to get some loving from an entertainer.

The mysterious man shouldn't be harassing Orezi for anything that went down with his wife. He should be asking his ‘wife’ what led her to be with a male singer.

Orezi was just servicing a groupie (if that is what really happened). Our guy here is mad at the wrong person. He should ask himself why his wife stooped low to be a groupie. Maybe, just maybe oga husband wasn't doing enough at home.

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As for my guy Orezi he is just enjoying the perks of fame. What is the use of all the fame if you are not having your pick of women? Orezi is doing what many before him have done.

To all the men out there who are married with women who have stray legs hold on to them because male singers and actors don’t have any moral code at least most of them.