Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim hasnt been so lucky as far as love affairs go, but she has said this would not deter her.

Ibrahim, who has been separated from her first husband, Kwadwo Safo,  has stated that she is ready to give love a go if she finds the right kind of man.

She however has no particular preference as far as Mr. Right is concerned but he must at least be God fearing.

In an interview published by Punch News today, November 5, 2016, she dismissed any possibility of getting back to her ex husband though they have a cordial relationship.

“I speak with my ex-husband; it is a must we speak because we have a son together.

"Everything is fine between us. But there is no way we are getting back together because it is in the past and he has moved on."

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Concerning what she would appreciate in her new type of man, she said she would know when the right one comes now that she is open to love.

“Of course I am open to love. I don’t really look out for anything in a man because I believe if the right person is there, God would definitely bring him my way and I would just feel it. I would just know.

"I don’t have a list of quality a man must possess. It also has to do with the man’s personality because from the first greeting, you can tell if we would click or not.

'I don’t really have so much I expect in a man but I know that he has to be God-fearing. With the kind of industry that I have found myself, you can only pray for a God-fearing man who would not listen to rumours."

She has an admirer in Nollywood actor, Emmanuel Ikubese, who at a time hinted that he had an interest in her.

He constantly posted emotional and heart touching words on social media expressing how much he cherish her.

On the other hand, the actress feels unhappy influences are out to prevent people in the limelight from finding fulfillment in their relationships.

"There are lots of evil spirits and people who are always ready to break relationships because we are in the limelight.

"They feel we do not deserve the best; that is what I noticed. They just don’t want us to be happy."

When she is not musing about getting back into a relationship, Ibrahim is a successful actress who has managed to juggle event hosting and music along with her primary career.