Jeremy Jackson has been accused of stabbing a woman during a fight over a stolen car. Reports say this is his second knifing allegation in the last six months.

The “Baywatch” star was recently arrested for allegedly stabbing an unnamed woman during a dispute over a car. The victim, who says she was stabbed in arm, leg, and back, claims she caught Jackson trying to steal her boyfriend’s vehicle. When she tried to stop him, she claims Jackson whipped out a knife and began stabbing her.

According to TMZ, Jackson fled the scene, but was later arrested by police at his hotel. He’s now facing felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats.  The charges carry up to seven years in prison.

Back in April, Jackson was also arrested for an alleged stabbing incident that also resulted in an assault with a deadly weapon charge. The former child star claimed he was robbed during a party he was hosting, and when a gun was pulled on him, he used a buck knife in self-defense.

He wasn’t prosecuted.