Cool FM On-Air Personality, Freeze, has opened up on why he writes about so many controversial issues.

The OAP revealed this in an interview posted by Hip TV on Thursday, August 4, 2016.

Freeze explained that he gets a lot of request from his fans asking him to write about various societal issues.

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He said, "You overdo something you are paid for",

"I go on my Instagram... I like to write on my Facebook because I had so many demand for it",

"I get at least almost 100 direct messages everyday",

"People will beg me to write on this issue or the other".

"Sometimes I feel that is an opportunity for me to shed light on an issue",

"I take up the challenge, but I never seek an audience... I already have an audience",

"I guarantee you 95% of the time, the audience is begging for me to write about something".

Freeze has shared his opinion about many issues, earning him a reputation as a controversial man.