Following reports of his violent conduct and subsequent arrest, R&B singer, Chris Brown, was reportedly tested for drugs before his recent release from jail.

Brown made news headlines when a former beauty queen, Baylee Curran, accused him of putting a gun to her head after she complimented another man's jewelry.

During a stand-off with law enforcement officers, the singer reportedly threw out a duffel back that contained two guns and drugs.

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According to TMZ, the 'Loyal' crooner submitted a blood sample on the evening of Tuesday, August 30, 2016, the night he arrived in jail.

It was later confirmed that his arrest was not drug possession, but  for felony assault.

The tough R&B singer has made the news round for his aggressive behaviour in the past. Earlier in 2016, it was alleged that he beat up his manager, Mike G, to a pulp.

In his defense, Brown released a video explaining that the manager stole from him.