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The pop star makes reference to a miscarriage she had experienced prior to the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy who she shares with rapper hubby, Jay Z.

The couple had earlier opened up on the painful experience of the child they had lost, with Beyonce driving home the fact with her song, "Sorry", off the "Lemonade" album.

On her miscarriage, Beyonce sings:

"So what are you gonna say at my funeral now that you've killed me? Here lies the body of the love of my life whose heart I broke without a gun to my head.

"Here lies the mother of my children both living and dead. Rest in peace my true love, who I took for granted."

On giving birth to Blue via C-Section, she sings:

"The nail technician pushes my cuticles back, turns my hand over, stretches the skin on my palm and says: 'I see your daughters and their daughters'.

"That night in a dream, the first born emerges from a slit in my stomach. The scar heals into a smile. The man I love pulls the stitches out with his fingernails.

"We leave black sutures curling on the side of the bath. I wake, as the second girl crawls head first up my throat. A flower ... Blossoming. Out of the hole in my face."

Jay Z had also opened up on the miscarriage on his track, "Glory", which had been released soon after the birth of Blue Ivy in January 2012.

"Last time the miscarriage was so tragic / We was afraid you'd disappear / But nah baby you magic."

Beyonce had talked about the miscarriage in a 2013 documentary which had been titled, "Life is But a Dream", an incident she describes as the "the saddest thing I've ever been through".

The singer had obviously gone through an enormously trying time with her experiences which she seems to be venting on via her music.

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As they say, music is usually an expression of the singer's deepest thoughts as is seen in this telling revelation which has celebrities reacting to it in myriad ways.

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