Like We Want An Explanation! Here is why a good sex life makes you happier

A very good sex life can bring about balance in every other part of your life but why exactly does sex improve mood? Do you want to know why?

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The feelings experienced during sex are sometimes indescribable good, especially during the orgasm, when our toes are curling and your eye balls are about to roll into your skull, that incredible feeling is why sex is worth it, and the hormones released do a lot in that feeling good regard.

While we love the feeling, we’re not interested in why and how it makes our lives better. We just want to continue enjoying it. Some of us are more curious than others, which is perhaps why we’re not all scientist, we’re fine with things happening, not much interested in why or how it happens.

Due to the curious nature of scientist, a set of researchers at the University of Toronto like the meddling kids in the Scooby doo cartoons to find out why it happens, to uncover how it happens. Their findings were published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, as reported by Alanna Nunez for Men’s Health.

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Okay, so it's not exactly shocking to hear that having sex on the regular can make you feel like a baller, but researchers wanted to pinpoint why, exactly, frequent sex provides such a sense of well-being.

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They carried out several studies, in one of them, they enlisted 335 Americans online and spoke to them about their relationships. The questions varied from how satisfied they were with their life, how happy they’re about themselves, how often they had sex, how much they kissed and if they cuddled their partners.

After doing this, they carried this same survey focused in San Francisco, they were able to deduce from the responses that the affection, not necessarily the sex that made if all feel so good.

The emotional connection with the other partner is what makes it all feel so good. With is sort of like, you like kissing someone is entirely different from liking kissing. It’s quite possible to like something because of someone, which often happens in relationships.

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The experiment was then taken to 106 Swiss couples, who were asked to keep diaries about their lives, they discovered that couples who had sex in a 10-day period have happier relationships, a further study revealed that the same couple were likely to have experiences of affection even hours after the sex was over, not just a couple of minutes after it was done.

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It is also worthy to note that, Science of Us states that this study is heavily reliant on surveys and participant diaries. It’s quite difficult to determine what is really important for the happiness feeling that happens when sex happens. This is a further vote that sex and cuddling isn’t just want your partner wants, it is actually good for you and your partner in every healthy way possible.