An Israeli media on Wednesday reported  that about 30 female staffers protesting the Israeli parliament’s dress code were denied entry to the Knesset building for wearing attire deemed inappropriate.

Citing the union representing Knesset aides, Haaretz reported that several female employees were denied entry by security guards in recent days for wearing items that were too short.

The resulting protest was to call for less fundamentalist modesty standards.

According to the report the stunt was criticised by some Knesset figures as planned provocation that was not dignified for anyone.

“This is not a new rule we’ve had the same dress code for several years.

The dress code is very moderate and takes into account Israeli culture and the hot summer’s here.’’ said a Knesset spokesperson.

The Knesset spokesperson said it welcomes hundreds of visitor daily, “It’s very seldom that we have some kind of problems,” .

The spokesperson said the point of the dress code is to ensure respect for the parliament.

The dress code stipulates that no short skirts may be worn, but does not specify how many centimeters above the knee is considered appropriate, leaving security guards to use their own discretion.