A man carrying deadly virus, Zika, has been reported dead at the Salt Lake County Health Department in Utah, United States.

According to reports, there is no clear proof that the unnamed died specifically from his infection, as he was said to have other ailments he was battling.

A health department released a press statement stating that there are no evidences pointing to the fact the deceased lost his life from symptoms of the Zika virus.

“it may not be possible to determine how the Zika infection contributed to the death.”

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No further information was released concerning the health condition of the man before his passing. This is as a result of the privacy law practiced in the country.

Health authorities have however appealed to residents of the state not to panic, as the virus currently has a low mortality rate.

This is the first death recorded in the United States, report says.

The chances of catching the virus in the country remains very slim, as the deceased reportedly contracted it during travel.