Following the death of a student of the

The deceased, Faith Bako, had tested positive to Lassa Fever following a fresh outbreak of the disease in the institution.

Four students had been tested but the results of three of them were positive - Bako was one of them.

As a precaution,  the government has also started to trace the parents and students who had contact with their colleagues that tested positive for the disease.

The Permanent Secretary, Plateau State Ministry of Health, Gatau Habila, disclosed this in Jos at the weekend.

He said the state government has begun the decontamination of the entire facilities in the school.

He said, "All the teachers, including the security men and all the surrounding communities, have been checked and placed under surveillance. It is the same with the medical personnel in Jos University Teaching Hospital who had contact with them during treatment. We have sent officials there to check them and place them under surveillance in case anything comes up.

"For the other students that are already at home, what we have decided is this: there is a 21-day latent period for Lassa fever. I spoke with the Principal of the FGGC, Lantang, and a director in the Federal Ministry of Health.

"Based on advice, the students at home should not return to school and the ones in the school should not even leave because if they leave, they will mix with the society and they may infect people."

Bako, who died from the disease, was buried on Friday, July 7, 2017.