4 villages in Guinea will be placed under a 21-day quarantine as part of a robust strategy to stamp out a lingering Ebola epidemic.

The move comes after new cases were discovered there.

Reuters reports that the quarantine will apply to Sikhourou Koloteya in the Forecariah along with Tanéné and Bamba in Dubreka prefecture.

The village of Tamarasy in the Boké mining region will also be subject to the new measures.

According to health ministry document, "a hooping system will be organized resulting in a ban on movement by inhabitants in the affected locations."

Health officials will also carry out intensive door-to-door visits to homes in the quarantined areas to try to identify cases of the disease.

A situation report by the World Health Organization (WHO) says Forecariah, Dubreka and Boké account for the bulk of new Ebola infections in Guinea over the past three weeks.

Meanwhile, cases have also been recorded in neighboring Sierra Leone's capital Freetown following several weeks without new infections as 3 doctors and 28 nurses have been placed under quarantine.