Boko Haram has given the Federal Government a list of demands for the release of the remaining Chibok girls, reports say.

According to Daily Post, the group might ask the government to pay a huge ransom for the girls in their custody.

Presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu confirmed the release of 21 Chibok girls on October 13, 2016.

According to BBC News reporter, Stephanie Hegarty,the girls might have been released in exchange for the freedom of four Boko Haram prisoners.

A source who spoke to Daily Post, said “The truth is that those Chibok girls are now Boko Haram members, having married the sect members and become radicalised.

“The remaining 83 girls are with a top leader of Boko Haram and those are the only ones we are going to work for their release in the next phase of our negotiations which starts immediately.

“The others had since become Boko Haram members, having been married off and radicalised into Boko Haram as soon as they were captured over two years ago.

“I think the guys are settled on the idea that the cash must come ahead of the release since they had proved to government that they are reliable by releasing the 21 girls, last week, without many conditions attached.”

The Nigerian Army has also pledgedto do its best to rescue the remaining Chibok girls.