Ramsey Noah and Leonardo DiCaprio stand the finest in their departments and are possibly two of the finest men in the movie industry. Although one stems from Nollywood and the other Hollywood, both seem to have one thing in common – they can party with the hottest and the VIPs! But the question is: who would you prefer to hang out with?

Just last weekend, DiCaprio must have seen all sorts of 'blurred lines' after a reported 12-hour party with close pal Robin Thicke post Wolf of Wall Street premier in London. It was said that the duo went on a day-long bender moving from one restaurant (food) and bar to another consuming more than just juice, water and tequila.

Meanwhile actor Ramsey Noah last year rocked the 2013 Remy Martins-Tiwa Savage Party in Lagos like no other. He looked pretty 'happy' juggling friends, bottles and fans and it was for sure, one hell of a party for the Nollywood bad boy.

Both super stars demonstrate how hard they can play when work has been put to rest. Only difference is, DiCaprio is single and loves chilling with super hot models. Meanwhile Ramsey kind of parties with caution, with no hot chics on the side, since his wife could eventually get to see the pictures online or devant newspapers.

So what do you guys think: Dicaprio or Noah – who could possibly rock your Lagos party harderrrrrrrr!!!!!

Are there enough 'hot super models' for DiCaprio in Lagos and could Ramsey let go of the family portrait in his mind to party like its hot?

Send in your thoughts.