1. Ignorance of the difference between i'm and am. Learnt it before the clock strikes 12!

2. Stalking your ex on social media, you're better that that, let them go.

3. Being a pushover, stand up fore yourself, you owe yourself that much.

4. Drinking on an empty stomach, leave it in 2013.

5. Drunk texting : Texting or sexting your ex after a night at the bar also has to go. Your motto should be 'New Year, New Boo'

6. Unappreciative behaviour : In the coming year appreciate those who you care about, no one knows when their last goodbye will be.

7. Stay Strapped : All that having sex without a condom drop it at the doorstep of 2014. No one cares if you dont like it, it'll save your life, use protection.

8. Your favourite pair of..... : We all have that favourite pair of something that we have sentimental attachment to, even if it has a gaping hole or tear in it, we still hold on. Hold on no longer, let it go and be at piece, you'll find a new item to be attached to in the coming year.

9. Pay your debts! : Starting a new year owing money is bad, very bad. Unfortunately your creditors come hunting for the money you owe them in January because everyone is broke in January it seems, after all the lavish holiday spending.

10. Anti-social behaviour : That couch potato lifestyle has to come to an end, 2014 is the year to TURN UP!