There are several peoples and traditions around the world.

Many of these traditions are beautiful and relate to many things.

Some others are weird and also relates to many aspects of human life.

Below are some of the weird ones that have to do with weddings.

1. In Scotland, the man and woman who intend to marry each other will  have all sort of rubbish thrown and dumped on them- rotten eggs, fish intestines and other garbage.

Why do they do this? They believe if a couple can stand this, their marriage will withstand anything.

2. In Fiji, asking for the hand of a young woman, the man must present his father-in-law with the gift of a whale's tooth.

3. In Mauritania, it is believed that a fleshy plus-sized wife is the most ideal, and will bring the groom good luck, so they force-feed brides so as to fatten them for their wedding celebration.

4. Over in South Korea, several married couples celebrate St. Valentine's day on the 14th of every month!

5. In some parts of India, there is the mythical belief that women born during certain periods of the astrological calendar will bring early death to any husband they marry.

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To undo this curse, they'll have to marry a tree first and have it cut down, before they can become free to marry a man without fear of doom.

6. In Italy [and later many other parts of the world,] couples come to a bridge with their padlock, lock it to the body of the bridge, and fling the key into the sea.

They believe this will make them bound to each other for life, since no one can ever locate the key to the padlock and open it.

7. The welsh people have one which involves the groom giving his bride a spoon.

It is to assure her that he will never let her go hungry. Ever!

8. The Tujia people of China believe that the bride [and the women in her family] should cry for one hour everyday for one month before the wedding.

9. In Niger, men dress in flamboyant traditional costumes and perform for their potential mates. When the performance is over, the women will choose the men they like best.

10. During the times of slavery in USA, black newlyweds jumped over a broom as a sign that they were both moving forward in their new lives together. Some couples still participate in this tradition. [See the 2011 movie "Jumping the Broom"]