A short clip making rounds on social  media  which shows a half-naked, muscular groom grinding and flexing his muscles for his bride at his wedding reception has left Internet users confused, amused and... flustered.

The clip, posted by Twitter user UG‏ [@Yuggiio] shows two men at the centre of a wedding reception - the groom and his brother - wearing nothing but tight underwear. They are rippling, bending and performing an erotic dance to a version of the song "You Raise Me Up" in the full view of everyone present at the wedding.

The spectacle is  majorly for the bride who sits and cheers them on with a smile on her face and regular applause.

"Check out what this groom did," writes UG alongside the video post. "He took off his clothes to dance for his bride alongside his younger brother.

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"Ladies, would you be comfortable to see your man go naked like this on your wedding day?" he ends the post with.

The couple are thought to be Nigerians but the wedding venue can't be ascertained.  The video has already gone viral  anyway; with the original post gathering 115k views already at the time of this piece.

Reactions to it has majorly been one of shock and amusement. Many others say they find it offensive and would never allow a partner do that on their big day.

Commenting on the tweet, Wine‏ [@_lifeofzain] writes: "what sort of magic mike shit is this. Disgusting."

NICE FOR WHAT [@amakaamebo] seems shocked as she tweets; "how did his younger brother even agree to do this with him?"

Raro Lae [TheRaroLae] thinks the dance was very unneccessary.

"This dance was clearly not for her, and I’m almost 100% no one else was genuinely interested." she tweets.

What do you think? Would you let a groom or even bride striptease for you at your wedding?