Pre-wedding photos have become more and more creative as the years progress.

When the creativity shines through, we applaud the couple and hope to maybe emulate their style or just do a variant of it.

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When the photos come out… err… not so creative, though, the logical thing is to just look at them, smile and stay away from such ideas.

You really do not want to look back on your pre-wedding photos and say to yourself, “maybe we should have done better than this.”

The couples in these six photos are probably looking back at them now, wishing they had done better.

This reminds us very much about the movie, "Diamond Ring", from way back.

Remember when an angry ghost of Liz Benson was hovering in RMD's living room, with the Late Bukky Ajayi trying all her best to appease her not to take Teju Babyface's life?

Yeah. That is exactly what this reminds us of.

Does this look to you like what it looks to us?

We really do not want to think they planned this to look like what it looks like.

Don't copy this, guys. Don't!

This looks just so totally wrong, except they were trying to tell us that the wife will be manhandling the man.

Which, really, still looks wrong. Lol.

We would love to see the person this lady is trying to fight with such smile on her face.

And this location of the shoot... they could have done better. Haba.

When he knew he couldn't carry her for long, he shouldn't have tried, right?

We really can't tell the concept behind this.

Were they trying to do a primary school theme? Or is this just... we really can't tell.

You would expect pre-wedding photos to have a theme, right?

So, it appears that for all the lovely pictures you see and smile in admiration, we have some you see and just decide to stay away from.

Well, guys, if you already have a list of themes you do not want to emulate for your pre-wedding photo shoot, you might want to consider adding these ones to it.

If you do not have one yet, you might want to start, and let these be your first themes to stay away from completely!