If you are in a romantic relationship and have always had sex in the same boring locations, its time to embrace change!

If you are in a non-sexual relationship, you might want to look away now, but please be sure to bookmark this for when you are ready to get down.

There comes a time when making love on the bed becomes a bit boring and repetitive.

Even the cushion, couch and chair become quite over-used, and there's a need for fresh ideas.

Here are 20 places you should consider as alternatives.

Yes, some of them are totally crazy, but as you know by now: the crazier, the better!

So let's get straight to it... the 18 crazy places to make love.

1. Do it on the floor.

2. Do it on a stairwell.

3. Do it on the kitchen cabinet.

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4. Do it under the shower.

5. By the window.

6. Against a wall.

7. What about at the cinemas?

8. In an office.

9. In a plane [You actually have to be really determined to pull this off.]

10. You should absolutely do it against a refrigerator [Make sure its steady enough.]

11. In a bath-tub.

12. Ok, this is crazy but... you could do it in your parents' house.

13. On the football pitch [Corpers and University students will understand]

14. On the bonnet/bumper of a car.

15. Do it in a club.

16. You should consider making love in a car, too.

17. At work. [Well, you better be the owner of the company before you try this.]

18. And of course, you should do it under the stars.

19.At a party.

20. In a pool.