What do you make of sex tapes - cool or uncool?

Would you be comfortable enough to get down with your partner when while the camera rolls on, capturing and saving the moments for you enjoy later?

Pulse readers say this is something they do not mind doing, so far it is only with their husbands or lovers.

In a poll asking what they think about doing it in front of the camera, 53.3% voted for an emphatic saying, while 34.4% believe that nothing will make them do so.

The remaining 12% say they are undecided on the matter.

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Those who are refused, and those that are undecided might want to have a rethink of the matter though as there seems to be advantages to making sex tapes with one's partner.

According to Ava Cadell, an American sex expert, "there are many, many benefits.

"You're living out a fantasy together. You're expanding your sexual horizons. You're adding playfulness...It just opens a whole avenue of escape. I suggest it to my clients."

And we suggest it to you, too!