It’s that time of the year we begin to make some changes and try to incorporate new habits with the start of a new year.

If you make New Year resolutions for yourself, you may as well make some with your partner, afterall, two heads are better than one!

Apart from your personal resolutions, making relationship resolutions with your partner will make you accountable to each other and you two will connect at a deeper level. Here are great tips for relationship resolution in the New Year:

1. Communicate More

Ask any couple you admire, and they will tell you that communication is a basic ingredient for a healthy and long relationship.

2. Build Each Other Up

Make it a resolution to not only get engrossed with developing yourself but to watch out for your partner. Just like you are on the lookout for opportunities in your own line of interest, always be on the lookout for your partner too.

3. Go on Dates Regularly

Just like  you did when you newly met, make it a habit to set out time to go on dates – just the two of you.

4. Demonstrate each other’s love language

Learn about your partner’s love language and make a resolution to always assure your partner of your love in a way he/she will understand.

5. Be more honest and loyal to each other

Make a new year resolution with your partner to always be open to them and hold no secrets.

6. Settle conflicts on the spot

The best couples are not the ones without misunderstandings, but the ones who settles amicably without holding onto offence in their hearts.

7. Be  your partners number 1 cheerleader

Shower each other with compliments, words of encouragements and be the number 1 fan no matter what.

8. Be an Accountability Partner

Share personal goals and hold each other accountable to ensuring your partner always walk towards achieving their goals and vice versa.

9. Listen More

Don’t be that couple that complains your partner don’t listen to you. Make a resolution to listen more, don’t interrupt, allow your partner air their views and opinion and try as much as possible to understand their point of view.

10. Be more physically affectionate

If you are the very busy couple, make it a resolution to be more physically affectionate.

Hope these tips helps, have a great year.

Written by Oluwakemi Adetola