Social media manager, George Mbam and Hannah Uwanna his bride tied the knot on Saturday, April 1 2017 in a delightful ceremony.

Family and friends came together to celebrate and share in the couple’s moment of joy, the biggest day of their lives at the Cooperative Event Centre on Lagos State Polytechnic campus, Ikorodu.

For the groom who works as the head of the social media team here at Pulse, the ceremony was a sweet realization to a long-held wish, the seal to a request earnestly made.

“The first time I ever saw Hannah was in church,”George tells Pulse Weddings, beaming a smile of satisfaction.

“She stood out that day because she wore an all-white outfit, and it was difficult to not notice her.”

Hannah’s angelic wedding dress at the ceremony on April fool’s day must then surely have reminded George of that very first day, because, again, the bride looked as radiant as the first ray of sunshine after a rainy night.

As she and her train swept into the hymn-filled chapel in slow deliberate steps , the groom, smashing in a blue jacket and perfectly-trimmed haircut must have felt fulfilled and bursting with joy at his decision to spend the rest of his life with the woman of his dreams.

“I always knew she was a wife material,” he proudly said to Pulse Weddings afterwards.

“The things she does, her way around the home, the discipline with which she goes about her business, her hardwork, tenderness and care… I just knew she would complement my life well,” he concluded.

Not a dark cloud was in the sky as Hannah and George said their wedding vows last Saturday, and we can only hope and pray that their married life will be all bright and beautiful for many, many years to come.

Congratulations to Hannah and George again.

Check the gallery below for more pictures from the ceremony.