Started with a mention, now were here!

Sumita Dalmia, an indian young woman answered Anuj Patel's tweet in 2013 and four years afterwards, both of them are hitched!

Anujhad offered a free ticket to a young professional entertainment and cocktail event called Jazzoo and once Sumitajumped at the opportunity, their fairy tale became set in stone.

In recognition of social media's role in the writing of their love story, the couple chose to have a Twitter-themed wedding celebration and it was oh-so-adorbs!

I mean... you only need to see the Tweet-proposal, the backdrop at the celebration itself, the super-cute little cakes, light-blue cocktail, table cards... etc to understand how beautiful the idea turned out.

Sumita and Anuj's story just shows again that love is all around us... everywhere we turn to... wherever we go... it's in the air and we are more open to it than we actually know.

Even on Twitter, the love of your life might just be right there, waiting for you.

See below a gallery of blue-tiful pictures from the lovely wedding ceremony of the Tweet-couple.