As anyone in a long-term relationship knows only too well, things between the sheets can often become cold and repetitive.

If you desire to have the magic of sex undisrupted in your relationship, though, the 10 steps below will be really useful to you.

1. Tailor your moves for your partner

Sadly this is still an issue especially with men. It does not mean women are not guilty too, though.

Learn the sexual things that thrill your partner and stick to them.

2. Foreplay isn’t the same for men and women

For women, foreplay begins long before the physical touching and groping. Deep conversations and even teasing words makes women relax and prepared while men often need contact to be stimulated.

3. Women are aroused slower than men

Once again it is a matter of physical configuration that men need to understand. A woman might not be quick to the horny state the way a man would.

Understanding this will help you become more patient and more sensitive to her needs.

4. Different strokes [Quite literally]

The bedroom moves you pulled on your ex is not guaranteed to get your next moaning and groaning as the previous one did.

Individuals often like different things from one another. Learn differences- some like it deep, some like it not.

Again, different strokes for different folks.

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5. Be proactive

This applies majorly to women. You don’t always have to wait for a move to be made on you in a relationship. Sometimes [or more frequently] you need to reach out and get what you want.

6. Be creative

So it worked yesterday, and the day before… it will most likely get boring and repetitive today or tomorrow. So, always look for variations and newer experiences. Always.

8. Tension and tension release

Sex is majorly about building and easing tension. So, learn to lay off sometimes and have the tension build to a significant height before easing it.

This will add an edge to your sex life, make you more intimate and take you and your partner to newer heights. [Wink]

7. Kisses

Those are meant not just for the lips. Explore.

9. Fantasies

Discuss fantasies and consider the possibility of making them come alive. In so far as they do not pose health scares and are not too outrageous, they are permissible.

What matters though, is consent and agreement. If you both are cool with it, nothing is stopping you.

10. Play fun games

Card games that require you losing your clothes one after another, leaving hidden sexy messages for one another, writing horny notes on mirrors for the other to find, wearing sexy lingerie and asking your man to get them off while he has a blindfold on… the list goes on and on.

These games add an extra edge and break the routine. You surely will benefit from trying them out.