Let's clear the air first of all. This is not an article preaching against dating a younger man or woman.

If you feel really connected to someone and they feel just the same way about you, then surely, as mature people, you need to do what you think is best for you.

In a previous article published on this platform, the wonderful advantages of dating younger people was listed.

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In this present article, we list the disadvantages of dating younger people.

You may not have a lot in common

What you have in common might really not be that much.

Your definition of fun and stuff to do for fun will most likely vary from that your younger partner.

If you quickly realise this, you could bypass the problems it poses by putting in effort to get interested on what the other likes to do.

If you set your mind to making it work, impossible is surely nothing.

They won’t be as wise as you

This is only logical. By virtue of your longer stay on earth, and the experiences you have gathered in that time, chances are that you are considerably wiser and more experienced than him or her.

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People will talk

Here is the greatest disadvantage to expect when you date someone younger.

Derisory names such as ‘cougar’ ‘sugar daddy’ ‘sugar mommy’ ‘gold-digger’ ‘MILF’ and all that will be used against you and your partner.

All you need to remember is that only you and your partner know the inner-workings of your relationship, and how genuinely in love you both are.

Haters are gonna hate, right?

You may get insecure

Insecurity is also a problem you might have to grapple with when you are in love with someone younger.

That you are with them does not mean they won’t still be attracting the attention of people of their age.

For instance, if you are dating a younger woman, it is not uncommon to see her innocently discussing with a man her age, who looks fitter, finer than you.

Suddenly, you feel really terrible for that your small paunch, and the few white hair on your head starts to feel like a headful.

It’s only natural, it comes with the territory.