Love does not come unannounced every time. In some cases, you would have to make a conscious effort and position yourself to find the man or woman of your dreams.

For many guys who are both mentally, physically and financially willing and ready for a relationship, the problem is in finding the right woman. Someone whose lives will merge with theirs to a beautiful effect. Men at this stage usually long for a woman whose values match theirs, someone they can 'take home to mama.'

And many times, we like speaking of how to be the right woman for this kind of man and how to be sure that you are the type of man any reasonable woman would want to be with.

In an interesting conversation with a reader of this website about wife materials and how to recognize them, we heard some things which we would now love to share.

According to this reader, a young man who chooses to be anonymous, there are three best places to find a woman who would likely make a great wife. Here are the three places below:

1. Church

Of course, this is a common one we have all heard before. The reader in question agrees that the house of God is the best places to get a woman who will make a great wife.

Church girls have long had a reputation of making good wives. Not that there is a 100% assurance that every girl in church would make a fantastic spouse, but your chances of marital bliss are greatly increased if you go for a girl you met in church, especially the ones who go for midweek services, our reader says.

If you need help talking to a church girl for the first time, our helpful tips here would help. And if you like her enough to want her to fall in love with you, click here to learn how best to go about that.

2. Work place

This is another interesting one. In our anonymous reader’s opinion, women who work are usually “responsible” and know how to “manage finances.”

This view boils down to joint financial responsibility, apparently. The reader buttresses this opinion by adding that a woman who works for her money will likely not send yours anyhow especially if she loves you.

And when a woman works or runs her own successful business, it shows an industrious spirit which is a good trait to look for in anyone you hope to marry.

If you know her place of work and what she does, at least, you can be fairly certain that she is not a “small girl with a big God,” he adds.

3. The market place

This sounded more bizarre to us than it sounded interesting but the reader stands by his opinion that the market place is one of the hotspots to meet women who are prime wife materials.

This assertion is based on the fact that he met about three women while making market runs who turned out to be fantastic people with family values and good heads on their shoulders.

He says his relationship with them ended only due to circumstances neither he nor any of them could help.