A 150-year-old wedding gown has been reunited with its owner after a Facebook plea by a distressed bride in Scotland who lost it at the dry cleaner’s.

Tess Newall had worn the antic dress when she wedded her husband, Alfred Newall on June 30 2016 and afterwards took it for cleaning at a place known as the Kleen Cleaners in Edinburgh.

The dress would however not be returned to her as the dry cleaning company folded up shortly afterwards.

The dress has been in Tess’ family since the 1870s when her great-great grandmother from the town of Morham in the East Lothian region of Scotland had hand-made the dress.

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In a bid to recover the family heirloom, Tess, 29, made an impassioned plea on Facebook where she said “I have just found out that the dry cleaners have lost my much loved wedding dress. It was made by my Great Great Granny in 1870 (I altered the top) and I wore it in June 2016…

“Please share this far and wide in case anyone stumbles across it! I realise there are far greater issues in the world but it means the world to us. More family memories need to be woven into its threads. 'Thank you so so much.'”

The post was shared more than 200,000 times across social media and a bridal agency even got involved in the search, promising a new dress should the dress be found with another bride.

The search bore fruit when Tess’ parents received a phone call from the landlord of the property where the dry cleaners were.

The overjoyed told told BBC that “my parents went straight there and were just overjoyed and couldn’t believe it was the dress, not cleaned, and still with its ticket,”

She said she still planned to have the dress cleaned, but at a place “where we can’t let it out of our sight.” she adds.