How daring do you think a wedding ceremony should be?

Marrying in a hot-air balloon? At the edge of a cliff, on top of the nation's highest mountain, or perhaps under water?

Well, did you ever think of doing it in an ice cave? Yeah, you heard right, an ice cave!

Tristan Tanovan-Fox, 46, and Daniel Fox, 42, decided to tie the knot in a unique way, so they chose to go have the wedding in an ice cave.

With an helicopter, the adventurous couple alongside their 10-year-old dog flew to the secret location somewhere around Whistler, Canada and tied the knot surrounded by one of the wonders of nature.

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The groom says, “Had we done it our way, we would have married just the two of us somewhere in the middle of nature, without anyone knowing.

“[However,] due to legalities, we had to have two witnesses.”

So, when they entered that cave to tie their union on October 1st 2016, Tristan and Daniel said their vows in front of a photographer and guide for witnesses.

The groom, who is a photographer and author explains another reason why they chose the secret location “Tristan and I cherish our intimacy and are extremely protective of our privacy,” he says.

By the time the pictures and [news] of the wedding came out, it turned out dramatic, beautiful and full of love, which was exactly what the couple had hoped for!