This engaged couple have only one wish for their wedding – to feed the homeless and hungry.

Jacob Weiss and Joy Teal both from Nashville, told guests to skip bringing wedding gifts; rather they fund a cause which will help in feeding the hungry and homeless.

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With an aim of raising $10,000, Weiss and Teal want to provide not just food but micro-grants to local nonprofits and social entrepreneurs who may have big ideas but are not big enough to get the backing from larger corporate donors.

"I can't think of any better way to start our relationship together than in celebration of what we care about", Teal tells USA Today.

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“Hunger is an issue that can be misunderstood, so often we think of the faces of starving children in distant, poverty-stricken nations, not realizing that families in our own city face similar hardship. It just may look different here”, she explains the decision behind feeding the less privileged on their wedding day.

Isn’t it just touching? What do you think of the couple’s gesture?