When 16-year-old Rachel Fleur set out to work on her art project from school, even she couldn’t have thought the result would be this remarkable.

Rachel was 15 in October 2015, when she took on the project at her former school, Moor House School in Oxted, Surrey.

The project ended in a beautiful success earlier in 2016 when the teenager was 16.

"I'd never made a dress before but I was inspired by watching images of American toilet paper clothing contests on YouTube and thought I'd give it a go.

It became a real labour of love and I couldn't even guess how many hours I spent on it. But I'm so pleased with the finished result," she says.

The intention had been to use newspapers to create any dress initially, but she changed her mind and decided to create a white bridal beauty instead, and despite her teacher’s doubts she stuck to the plan and came out with this gorgeous work of art.

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Rachel adds, “I told my teacher what I planned to do, she looked doubtful and said it couldn't be done well. But I knew I could create something beautiful and was determined to prove her wrong.”

And that was exactly what she did as the project fetched her an A and is now being displayed displayed in the school's reception.

“I'd love to see it made into a wearable outfit as a nod to all the hard work I put into it,” Rachel concludes and it’s quite heartbreaking, really, that this is only a design.

Imagine if that was a real, wearable wedding gown…

Any lucky bride that gets to wear that design would look totally ravishing for sure!