This guy proposes to his girlfriend at Gidi Fest 2017 and we totally, totally love it!

The music festival has just been concluded today, April 16th, at the Eko Atlantic, Victoria Island.

While many would go home with the memory of a night filled with lots of rain and some amazing music, we know a man that'll be going home with a sweeter, more romantic memory.

In a clip exclusive to Pulse, the unnamed man can be seen on his knees, a smiling excitedly as he slides the ring onto his girl's finger, the little crowd around them cheering him on.

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And after the ring was well placed on her finger, she pulled him up in an embrace before a kiss of acceptance followed to the absolute delight of the increasing crowd around them.

The organisers of the Gidi Fest couldn’t possibly have foreseen this during their planning, but they surely wouldn't be complaining.

While we look forward to learning more about this lovely couple, we at Pulse Weddings love this love story and wish the couple all the best.