Monogamy is natural to humans which is why we end up settling for one person to spend the rest of our lives with.

For centuries, people have grown within successful monogamy settings and have set things in place for the next generation to emulate.

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Inspired by YourTango, here are four ways to find the right one:

1. Find someone who inspires you to stay committed: It's hard to maintain a long-term relationship but when you find that one person that makes you want to stay, it becomes totally worth it.

2. Don't be scared to state your needs and wants: It's okay to try out new things with your partner but when it doesn't suit you any longer, it's better to tell them what you want.

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3. Be in a relationship just for you: Don't look for a partner simply because your parents think it's time to bring someone home, remember it's all about your happiness in the end.

4. Know your own sexual needs: People are unique in their sexual needs but it's awesome to find someone whose needs fits yours. There are many distractions around and your partner isn't the only attractive person on earth.  Channeling your sexual desires for only one person takes a lot of commitment.