Destinations weddings are the stuff dreams are made of - you get to exchange vows with the love of your life at a picture-perfect spot, it doesn't get any better.

But anyone who's ever embarked on this can attest to the fact that there's a whole lot of effort that goes into successfully pulling off a destination wedding.

Here are are 5 important things to take note of before planning a destination wedding.

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1. Budget: This is unarguably the biggest factor to consider. Weddings by themselves are expensive without adding the extra cost of flying/shipping everything including your guests. So before before you embark on this journey, do a proper costing and see if its something your budget can accomodate.

2. Country laws and requirements: Marriage laws vary from one country to the next so it's very important to take note of them. Countries like France for instance have strict requirements like minimum residency within the country before you can marry and so forth so do your research thoroughly.

3. Logistics: This is a big consideration. With vendors for instance, there are only so much you can fly which means you'll have to source vendors locally. Also if you're lucky, a group discount with airlines is something you may want to consider to fly your wedding party.

4. Your wedding party: It's one thing to secure a great location but another thing if your dearest and closest can't be there with you to share the moment. The truth is though weddings are about the individuals, they're not as fun or memorable if your dear ones aren't there to celebrate with you. So consider if things like visas will be an issue, or even affordability of location and work these around your wedding party.

5. Timing: This can make all the difference between scouring a discount for instance or even having a hitch-free day. Summer periods, for instance, are generally a more expensive time to travel and rent lodgings. At the same time, it's important to have great weather so your party isn't disrupted. So consider your timing well before embarking on a destination wedding.