“It’s the 21 century baby!”

This is the kind of statement you’ll hear from the average dude who is either a millennial (not above 35 years old in 2016) or a typical ol’ man just influenced by the millennial vibes around him.

Ladies often complain about the ill-manners of some guys who approach them and how it is the fact that this is a different era, ladies should just go with the flow.

We really haven’t been able to pinpoint what exactly has gone wrong.

Some say that technology and social media is producing a generation that doesn’t know how to form proper relationship.

That is why we thought to share these dating etiquettes for the 21st century guy who wants to be seen as responsible and serious about getting the girl of his dreams.

Etiquette 1: If you want to ask a girl out, call her up, don’t do so over text messages or direct message.

Etiquette 2: Don’t start flirting with her on the first date, not even on the second date. Get to know the real person before bringing up sexual advances.

Etiquette 3: Be a gentleman, treat her like a lady, not all girls are slut.

Etiquette 4: Don’t ask a girl to send you her nude picture. It is so rude.

Etiquette 5: If you met online and you haven’t seen her physically, don’t ask her directly to send you her picture. You can always check her profile picture or arrange a date.

Etiquette 6: If you are not going to be able to make it as planned, call her or send a text. Don’t just zone out and contact her whenever you are ready.

Etiquette 7: Except you two agree to be on the ‘situationship’ terms, don’t lead her on if you have no long term intentions.

Written by Oluwakemi Adetola.