No relationship or marriage is easy to build and maintain. There are many other things that can destroy a relationship other than having an affair.

When couples have different values and moral standards, it is bound to bring problems in their relationship. There are certain kinds of behaviors that could mean a total betrayal to the promise of commitment made to your partner.

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The truth is, because there isn’t cheating in the mix, most couples experiencing these problems feel they can live with these issues but it slowly chips away the foundation of love and trust built over the years.

Inspired by LifeHack, here are 5 other things that are as bad as having an affair

1. Telling lies to your partner

Lying to your partner is never fine and shouldn’t be treated as such. Lies are like hammer to a wall; they break all you have built in an instant. The trust and commitment are swept under the rug when your partner realizes the relationship is built on deception.

2. Creating an emotional barrier between you and your partner

Nothing hurts more than that. Its huge sign that your relationship may crumble soon because there’ll be less and less physical contact. The lack of connection could be a gate pass for an affair.

3. Not putting your partner first

When you really love your partner, you put them first. When couples begin to forget each other’s needs, there’ll be a gradual breakdown of the relationship. Your needs are important but showing them know you’ll always be there for them no matter what is assuring enough. Love is a verb not a noun.

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4. Emotional affair

The fact is, emotional affairs are more damaging than physical ones. Firstly, they are very difficult to end because that will mean the end of an emotional support system. Emotional cheating can cause irreparable damage to relationships.

5. Refusing to stand up for your partner

Your partner should be your closest pal and what will you do for a friend who is in trouble how much more a life partner. Relationships have crumbled because one partner refused to stand up for the other especially when there’s some sort of interference from in-laws and relatives.

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