Prewedding pictures are now so popular that even dogs are slaying with some cute pics of their own.

Sebastian, a French bulldog and Luna, his Pomeranian paramour bride-to-be have released the amazing results of their pre-wedding photo shoot and you can’t help but feel captivated at the adorableness of it.

Emily Abril is the photographer who owns both dogs and apart from the lovely pictures she took of them, she also opened an Instagram account – Sebastian Loves Luna - dedicated to the four-legged lovers.

According to the dog owner, they got engaged in June of 2016 [we’d have loved to see how that happened] and decided to have a photoshoot in celebration of that.

The dogs have almost 65,000 followers on their Instagram and speaking to BuzzFeed, Emily their owner says, "They are, simply put, fashionistas in love in DC."

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"Luna adores Sebastian completely even when he sometimes doesn’t return the affection.

"He also is very much her protector and will push other dogs out of her way if they get to close to her."

Sebastian and Luna's wedding has been scheduled in for either autumn 2017 or spring 2018.

We wonder when the first Nigerian dog couple will be announced, too.

In any case, happy married life to Luna and Sebastian of Washington DC.