Brides & Babies Spring/Summer 2015 preview wedding dresses are chic, sexy and classy with a flirty touch.

The new collections were photographed at the Central Park in New York, with a natural backdrop of greenery.

On why the dresses are unlike the stereotypical styles we are used to, the Brides & Babies team has this to say: "We decided to go for the not-so stereotypical wedding dresses that every girl could relate to for our spring 2015 collection.

"This collection features simple, chic styles that exude effortless class and sophistication. It incorporates lots of pearls and crystal hand beadings on soft tulle and lace to complement the simplicity. We flirted with atypical colour shades, dresses with pockets, belts and sashes and baby doll bridal looks."

Giving an insight into their style choices, the team said: "No heavy dresses, no overly complex styles and drapes… we stuck with the 3 S's… simple, sweet and sexy! We accessorised with matching modern made out of fabrics from the dresses and included rich boning lace chapel to create just a little bit of drama.

"For the 2015 bride that wants to kick her feet up and be relaxed, comfortable and still look sophisticated at her wedding, we hope you are inspired!"

Check out their unique collection in the gallery above.