Are sex toys sinful? 5 Christians talk about this

September 22nd 2022, 10:00:00 am

A Christian using sex toys? Is it an anomaly.

Should Christians use sex toys [TimesofIndia}

Are sex toys part of the restrictions? Is it good or bad? Did the Bible say you should not use them?

Sex toys, adult aids or marital aids are objects people use to masturbate or enjoy more pleasure during sex with their partner.

There are finger vibrators, thrusting dildos, rabbit dildos (penetrates the vagina and the clitoris), penis rings (delays orgasm for men), nipples clamps, vibrating panties, handsfree vibrators and many more.

Men also have sex toys like fleshlight shaped like a vagina but in the shape of a flashlight, different vibrators, and massagers.

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The Bible’s clear injunction is against adultery and fornication. Masturbation is not mentioned in the Bible as a sin, but it could be inferred. Some Christians believe that masturbation is a sin, others disagree, but what about sex with sex toys?

"Why would a single person use it? Let's say it is to 'relieve sexual stress or tension' seeing 'actual intercourse' is not permitted to or expected of a single person, Abi? Isn't that technically wrong?"

"But a married person is legally and religiously free to relieve the sexual stress through the partner, so why would such a one need it, right?"

"What if, say, one of the spouses contracts an irreversible and/or permanent libido reduction, in which case the partner becomes asexual?"

"Or where long-term, long-distance occurs in the marriage relationship? Or where there is erectile dysfunction? Can one use it then?"

Bimbo does not have the answers, but he feels that it is a moral dilemma whether masturbating while married is a sin.

My next respondent's Blessing answers the questions posed by Bimbo.

Blessing thinks solo use of sex toys as a married person is a form of lust and it is a sin.

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"From what I know it is indirectly a sin. Because I believe when people masturbate, they usually think of someone, and the Bible is clear on its position on lust."

Secondly, if you are married and you use sex toys without a partner, you might be thinking of someone else and that is a form of cheating.

“But I don't know if it is possible to use a sex toy without thinking of a real person. Is she thinking of her husband? Highly unlikely. I mean it is most likely because he is not good enough that why she needs augmentation, so she would not be thinking about him...most likely."

" I am almost certain she would be thinking of somebody else...but what do I know?"

Interesting response from Blessing, but is it okay if she is thinking of her husband when using sex toys?

“The Bible was written in ancient times, but we can infer that is it a sin because Proverbs 5:18 says to rejoice in the wife of your youth and using sex toys shows a lack of contentment with your wife.”

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Masturbation is a sin. Sola declares, “but if you use sex toys with your spouse, it is not a sin. God does not concern himself with how you have sex and what you do in the bedroom."

"I will not be using sex toys when married, it doesn’t just feel right to me."

Their sinfulness are context specific. For Christians it only seems right if your partner is involved and not as a way to masturbate.

Temi Iwalaiye
Temi Iwalaiye is a lifestyle Reporter at Pulse. She loves to write - about anything and everything.


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