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5 reasons you should consider dating an Igbo man

January 20th 2022, 5:07:27 pm

Had enough of heartbreak? Try Igbo men.

Igbo men are a diamond in the rough [Atafo]

If some men are demons, read on how to recognise them here. I am here to disclose a hidden gem called Igbo men.

Igbo men are a diamond in the rough. When you first meet them after decades of fraternizing with Yoruba men you might be skeptical at first and but stick with them for premium enjoyment.

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Unlike their counterparts, Igbo men are focused on the money and the money alone. If they are with you then they are with you. If they aren’t with you, you will know

Igbo men are full of sweet pet names ‘babym’ ‘mummy’ he says with a thick Igbo accent. He goes on and on and can praise your beauty for an hour straight in Igbo.

Of course, you don’t know what he's saying if you are not Igbo but you laugh and giggle while enjoying the attention.

This is the part most women will run away. Igbo men are walking calculators and every money has to be budgeted for, he will not start giving you free money like our counterpart brothers.

Most times he will buy you want you need, but see the free money thing? It might take a while.

A proper Igbo man loves his soups and swallows and he would love it if you make it for him.

Unlike the counterparts, if all he wants is for you to be his baby mama, he will let you know. If he plans on dating two women, he will also let you know.

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If he cannot marry you, he will not lead you on as he is too busy chasing the bag to start building webs of lies.

So weigh the pros and cons and decide if he is worth it.


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