A Nigerian journalist Oluwatosin Adeshokan has been sacked by respected magazine The Africa Report after he was called out on Twitter for sexual misconduct.

Adeshokan who was the West Africa correspondent for the Africa Report faced intense backlash on Twitter after several women accused him of a host of inappropriate sexual conducts.

Following the backlash, Adeshokan took to his Twitter to apologize and admit that his actions and behaviours were predatory and disgusting.

In the past few hours, stories about my inappropriate conversations with women have broken,” he said in a note shared on Twitter.

I take absolute responsibility for my behaviour. I admit my actions were wrong and I made these women uncomfortable.”

He went on to admit that he had what he called unhealthy conversations with these women and ‘acted unsuitably’.

My actions and behaviours were predatory and disgusting,” he added.

Shortly after his apology, The Africa Report also on Twitter revealed that it has parted ways with the documentary maker.

He has since issued an apology and acknowledgement. As such, we have terminated our relationship with Mr Adeshokan,” The Africa Report said in the statement before stating that the magazine has ‘zero tolerance for abusive behaviour’.


The backlash started after Kiki Mordi of the Sex for Grade fame accused the journalist of taking advantage of ‘young feminist women’.

You target young feminist women, make them believe you’re a sexual minority, they trust and protect you and you take advantage of that,” Mordi tweeted.

“People have spoken to you in private but now me I want you to lie to my face in public. You think you can use my friendship and the friendship of women like me to continue to get away with harassing young girls?

Mordi’s tweets prompted several women to reveal their ordeals in the hands of Adeshokan in the past.

Sending inappropriate messages to women, fingering a woman without her consent, almost raping a woman, sending nudes to women and minors are some of the allegations against the journalist whose works have appeared in the likes of The Guardian, the Los Angeles Times, Public Radio International and OZY.

Adeshokan however in his apology only admitted to having inappropriate conversations with women.