A job interview is a business conversation between an employer and a job applicant and it is expected to be very formal.

And because of the seriousness attached to job interviews, the conversation often doesn't give any room for details that have nothing to do with the organization's business the applicant's credentials.

So, if you are going for a job interview anytime soon, make sure you avoid sharing the following personal details with the hiring manager.

1. Family background

When hiring managers say 'let's meet you', they are not expecting you to tell them your family history or background. Don't go to the extent of telling them how many you are in your family and your position in the family.

Note that your interviewers have other things to do and they’re not interested in irrelevant details about you. So save them the story about your family background and your position in the family.

2. Financial Issues

Your financial situation is none of the hiring manager's business, so don't think by telling them how you are coping financially, the interviewer would pity your condition and offer you the job. Trust me, it won't help.

3. Relationship issue

Sharing your relationship problem in a job conversation is another mistake you should never make. No one is interested in how you break up with your partner or how she divorced you. Keep your personal story to yourself and don't play that card in any job interview.

4. Religion

Except you are applying for a role in a religious institution, don't try to fly the kite of your religious affiliations in a job interview.

5. Politics

Hiring managers may not directly ask questions about political issues or parties in an interview but if you are answering that is related to politics, be careful to steer clear of political issues.