This festive period is the time to relax and have fun. It shouldn’t go to waste (How we love breaks like this). It gets boring too, after the food, parties and rocking back and forth what happens to the rest of the days?

There are lots of things to do around this period to make it an unforgettable albeit well deserve break!

Go To The Movies

Going to the cinema isn’t a bad idea for the holiday; catch up on movies you have missed in the past months. It’s even more fun if you go with the ‘gang’ or with your better half. Sure the cinema gets busy at this time, this makes it more fun; the more the merrier.

Go To The Mall

Go to the mall, it’s equally a good time to get nice things and good bargains trust me, pack up everything at the sales section who doesn’t love seeing nice stuffs on sale (you will than us later)! Otherwise just go window shopping that’s also fun…

The Beach

Going to the beach never gets old, it’s definitely a good way to relax.

Go On A Picnic

Pack a basket and head out for a picnic, go with loved ones and just relax, catch up on good times/memories; It is priceless.

Do The Date

Go on that date you have been postponing; you will not regret it. By all means, have fun!

Tell us how your holiday is going…