Thomas Edison once said, “a lot of life’s greatest failures are people who gave up at the brink of success.” Too Loaded To Fail seeks to reduce the prevalence of this, by offering intensive therapy sessions in the form of chapters in the book. Each chapter uses facts, stories and religious convictions to evolve the minds of its readers.

The first chapter which is titled “You Are More Than This” begins at the top of the mountain of light. Shocking in its affirmations and motivating in the facts shared. The reader’s insecurities, excuses and wrong beliefs are peeled off with her words and we feel charged to want to do more and be more. Irrespective of the spectrum of life you’re on, whether you are a king or queen caged by your fears or you are a chief limited by your chiefdom refusing to aspire for more, there’s a word for you here. By the chapter's end, we can feel our inner lights beaming and ready to reach all the ends of the earth.

Just like it’s title “you are not a failure” charges, the second chapter in Too Loaded To Fail, is like a gym coach grabbing at the weak muscles of your mind and ordering you to rise up. With inspiring tales of great scientists as well as strong verses from the Bible, chapter two builds up the reader into a confident and driven individual ready to do what it takes to succeed.

“There are no impossibilities, except you create one in your world” is the central theme of the third chapter which is titled “you are too blessed.” The reader is exposed to the immense possibilities ahead through inspirational storytelling, well researched facts, stories and bible convictions. Chapter three, gives the much needed push for anyone stuck in the dark stages of their life. By the chapters end, all you want to do is run swiftly into your destiny.

“Too Loaded To Fail”— A wake up call
“Too Loaded To Fail”— A wake up call

The author peels off all her previous reservations and owns her identity as a guide to lost souls in chapter four. In this chapter themed “blessed beyond a curse”, Oyelakin-Ogungbadejo opines that as Christians, curses have no home in our lives and it is our acceptance of this fact that produces good results.

The fifth chapter, which is titled “he can use you” is targeted at readers going through an identity crisis created by their current circumstances. Irrespective of your status, age, gender, disabilities, past failures or mistakes, Oyelakin-Ogungbadejo believes that God is ready to use every individual mightily according to his will and solely because of his love.

“Principles respect no man, it only responds to use” writes the author in the sixth chapter of this book. Through eleven insightful steps, she brilliantly maps out a blueprint for anyone who desires to succeed in life.

Chapter seven builds on the amazing stage, the previous chapters have set by focusing on key pitfalls to avoid on the path to greatness. Some of the examples discussed include Fear, Jealousy and clinging to the past and by the chapters end, her words, “avoidance is better than experience” rings true.

The eight chapter “No excuse for failure” is a worthy climax to the central theme of the book. She pulls out all of our possible excuses as humans and lays them bare on the pages of the book. She puts them forward like a spoken word artist, poking at our souls and leveling our fears to the ground with strong words. By the final sentence, the diverse stories shared would ignite such a fire in the reader, that would only result in the birth of new resolve to aspire to greatness.

“Too Loaded To Fail”— A wake up call
“Too Loaded To Fail”— A wake up call

Chapter nine is the perfect icing on the cake. It’s central theme is to let the reader know that “their best is yet to come.” This further strengthens the new resolve developed from reading the previous chapter. She writes “You have to always believe and hold the thought that your best is yet to come; because that is undoubtedly the truth.”

The excruciating but progressive journey from dreams to realization, serving your generation by being a blessing or positive influence to others and lessons to learn when you fail are the relevant themes covered in the concluding chapters of Too Loaded To Fail. These chapters were brief but loaded with powerful messages.

In all, Too Loaded To Fail by Dr Bola Oyelakin-Ogungbadejo, is a wake up call to the insecure, the worried, the fearful, the one that has been cast down by self, family and society to live up to their true destiny at the top. It is a much needed guide to help anyone who is caged by past failures or the fear of failure to come out of the darkness. In her words “You can excel whether you feel you are too young, too old, have little formal education, too poor or physically handicapped. It does not matter if you have failed several times, if everyone says it is impossible or you are underrated and despised. You can make it!”

Reviewed by Faith Moyosore Agboola

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