Picked the destination of your dreams and done all the research, but now your suitcase just wont close. Sounds like you need to learn the industrys best kept secret to packing like a travel pro.

These tips will surely get people buzzing about your packing skills.

1. Pick a bag

Select a carry-on or suitcase according to the type of trip intended. If you are going to be vehicle-hopping while on your trip, choose something rough and handy like a backpack. Else, a carry-on suitcase will be fine for a fancy vacation. Hence, packing process needs you to know your schedule and trip agenda. Lack of adequate research is a common traveller mistake.

2. Make an essentials checklist

There are basic necessities that definitely NEED to be in your bag, and sometimes they are dependent on the region you're going to. These packing tips are to be considered for a trip to Africa. Jetsetting while staying fashionable is also a need. There are style essentials for a fashionable globetrotter.

3. Pack the heaviest stuff at the bottom

You want the heaviest items like shoes to be on the bottom, especially if you intend to stand your suitcase up. Also, put your toiletry bag at the bottom. This is important if you have a rolling duffle-style carry-on.

4. Roll, don't fold

To make room for these new travel necessities, many flight attendants advise to roll your clothes rather than fold them to save space. This is a more efficient use of space, and leaves you without the creases that folding brings.

5. Coordinate your outfits around one or two pairs of shoes

If your carry-on is your only luggage, you don't want to have so much in it due to luggage limit (at the airport) or being too heavy to lug around. Shoes are one thing that maximize space in luggage, so try to coordinate all your outfits around one or two pairs of shoes. Extra tip: you'll be wearing one to the airport, so that's an extra one!

6. Take travel sized products

Travel size products are much more convenient when it comes to size and weight. If you can't find travel-sized versions of your favourite products, the best alternative is to get the silicone travel tubes and turn some of your products into them.

7. Picking outfits

For every bottom, pack two tops. This doesn't mean you pack so many tops though. Also, choose neutral colours and then accessorize with brighter colours. Skip similar items.

8. Wear the heavy/big stuff

It would be best to wear your bulky shoe, heavy jacket or heavy jeans to the airport. Life hack!

9. Use shoe bags or shower caps to separate shoes

This will stop dirt and debris from your shoes messing up your clothes.

10. Capitalize with the empty space

Put your smaller items in the small crevices in the suitcase, such as your shoes.